Emergency Response

Emergency Response Plan

The four health departments in Stark County along with our partners have developed a plan known as the Stark County Public Health Emergency Response Plan. The purpose of the plan is to design and manage an appropriate, timely and integrated response to a wide range of disasters such as infectious disease outbreaks, severe weather conditions, terrorism and other public health threats and emergencies to protect our communities.

Volunteers Needed

The Alliance City Health Department, in conjunction with the other public health departments in Stark County have developed a plan in the event of a public health emergency or response in Stark County.

A need we have identified is to compile a list of community members who would be willing to assist in an emergency response. Those volunteering should be able to work in stressful situations and have a genuine desire to help all individuals affected regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or political views.

Sign Up

You can sign up to volunteer online at the Ohio Responds website.