Environmental Health

Smokefree Workplace Program

Globe and HandInvestigate smoking complaints and issue fines if necessary, regarding smoking in public places. To file a complaint call (866)-559-OHIO (6446).

Facts about Secondhand Smoke

Food Service

License and inspect all food operations to ensure food safety. Food Operation Plan Review Application (PDF) must be submitted for all new or extensively remodeled operations prior to start of construction.

FSO and Mobile Application (PDF)

Temporary FSO Application (PDF)

Temporary FSO Questionnaire (PDF)

Rabies Control

Investigate animal bites to ensure animals are rabies free. Conduct rabies analysis on animals through the state laboratory and conduct rabies vaccination clinics for dogs and cats.

School Safety

Inspect the school environment to provide children with a learning environment that includes provisions for their health and safety.

Swimming Pools

Inspect public and semi-public pools to confirm water quality and prevent the potential for disease transmission. Confirm that all approved safety equipment is available and in working order.

Lead Poisoning in Children

Conduct environmental assessments on all children reported with elevated blood lead levels and provide information regarding proper cleaning of surfaces or abatement procedures. This program is coordinated with the nursing division.


Investigate and remove nuisance conditions. These situations include but are not limited to garbage, animal waste, sewage, and foul odors.  Nuisance Complaint Form


Inspect complaints regarding housing problems. These situations involve sanitary conditions and overall maintenance issues. The department is also very active with a demolition program to remove condemned and blighted structures from the community. Contact the environmental division at 330-821-7373 to discuss. Housing Regulations


All commercial plumbing installations either new or remodel require plumbing plan review.  Plans must be submitted to the Stark County Health Department for plan review.  They are located at 7235 Whipple Ave. NW, North Canton, Ohio 44720. Phone number is 330-493-9904.  Plumbing Plan Review Application

Our department licenses all plumbing contractors performing work in the jurisdiction. Permits are required for all new or remodel construction work. Plumbing contractors can register by using the Plumbing Registration Application (PDF). The registration fee is $100.00. Plumbing Permit Application (PDF) is available here.

Mosquito Control

Yearly spring and summer mosquito larviciding is performed in our mapped wet and swampy areas of the city. Adult mosquito spraying is performed city wide as needed.