Application for Water/Sewer/Trash Service


Completely fill out all of the forms below and mail the original, notarized forms to the address below: Fax and email submissions will not be accepted.

Alliance Water Utility
504 E Main Street
Alliance, OH 44601

Instructions for Application for Water/Sewer/Trash Service are as follows

The following documents are required to be included with your submission for your application to be processed:

  1. If you have just purchased the property, we require a copy of a page of the closing paperwork which states your name as the new owner and the address purchased.
  2. Application for Water/Sewer/Trash Service (PDF): (1 document - must be signed and notarized)
  3. Please note that the Application for Water/Sewer/Trash Service must be signed and notarized before returning it to our office.
    • If you intend on renting this property, both the top section and bottom section of the application must be signed and notarized to allow the tenant/lessee to receive the bill directly.
    • Once our office receives the completed, signed and notarized application, the tenant/lessee may then come into our office and fill out the tenant/lessee portion of the water application, thus completing the application process.
    • Copy of Instructions (PDF) for your records.
  4. Backflow Prevention Determination and 30-Day Installation Notice (PDF): (2 documents)
    • Please answer the questions, to the best of your knowledge, concerning the property service address.
    • Sign and return 2 copies of the questionnaire with the Application for Water/Sewer/Trash Service.
    • Please review the List of Approved Backflow Testers.
  5. Conditions Governing Water/Sewer/Trash Service: (1 document)
    • One copy of the Conditions Governing Water/Sewer/Trash Service needs to be signed and returned to our office with the Application for Water/Sewer/Trash Service.
    • Please retain a copy of the Conditions Governing Water/Sewer/Trash Service for your records.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our office phone number is 330-823-3126.