Mission Statement

The City of Alliance Zoning Department is dedicated to protecting the interests of health, safety, and the general welfare of the public. Our City Council has adopted Codes and Ordinances for Planning, Zoning, Building, Health and Housing. These codes are designed to promote orderly growth within the community, protect property values, and encourage the best use of land within the City. The Zoning Department helps enforce those rules for the betterment of our City.

Building in the City of Alliance

If you are considering building in the City of Alliance, you should first contact the Zoning Code Enforcement Officer to determine if your project is permitted in your zone. In general, everything from a fence, porch, garage, addition, to a new business needs some form of permit or approval. The Zoning Code Enforcement Officer can determine what approvals are needed from some combination of the Zoning Department, the Engineering Department, the Planning Commission, and/or the Building Department. He may recommend that you come in to meet with him, the City Engineer, the City Planning and Development Director, or all three to get you started in the right direction. Typically, the first step is to complete an Application for Zoning Certificate.

Property Complaints

The Zoning Department handles complaints from the public regarding improper zoning uses, property conditions, and nuisances. We perform a site visit to determine if a code violation is occurring, and work with the property owner to resolve the issue.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Zoning Code Enforcement Officer coordinates items to appear before the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). The BZA considers Zoning Variances, or people wishing to do something different than what the Zoning Codes allow. They also hear Appeals to certain prior decisions made by the BZA, the Code Enforcement Officer, and the Planning Commission. The BZA meets the third Tuesday of each month in the Second Floor Conference Room of the Administration Building, 504 E. Main St. Call the Zoning Department for times or to request an Appeal from Order Form.


One of the most common requests in the City is for permission to erect or place a sign. Without regulations for signs, residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors can quickly become cluttered with a combination of oversize, distracting, obsolete, or deteriorating signs. Whether it is anything from a temporary sign, such as garage sale and real estate signs, or permanent commercial business signs, it will require a Sign Permit from the Zoning Department. Contact the department before you order or place your sign to determine the size and length of time allowed for your kind of sign.

Permits / Forms

Application for Zoning Certificate (PDF)

Application for Sign Permit (PDF)

Appeal from Order, Requirement, Decision, or Determination of Zoning Inspector


Zoning Fees (PDF)