Leaf Collection

Every year the collection of leaves raked out to the curb lawn generally begins the first part of November and continues until city crews make two complete passes through the city. Residents are reminded not to put piles of leaves in the streets as this causes a road hazard and can lead to a police citation. Also, leaves cannot be picked up in areas that cars are blocking the piles. Also, do not put anything in the leaves such as garbage, tree limbs or other yard waste as they will not be picked up.

Leaves must be raked to the curb lawn. Bagged leaves can be placed out along with regular trash and will be picked up by Kimble during regularly scheduled trash service.

Areas of collection and their order as follows: 

  1. West of Sawburg, Main to State Street
  2. Rockhill to Sawburg, Main to State Street
  3. South of State, West of Rockhill
  4. South of State, East of Rockhill
  5. Rockhill to Arch, Main to State
  6. North of Main, West of Union
  7. North of Main, East of Union
  8. East of Arch, Main to State