Hauled Waste

Applications and accompanying fee are required for a septic tank discharge permit. These shall be submitted on a form provided by the City and filed with the Superintendent. Permits must be renewed annually.

Septic Application (PDF)

The City may refuse the services of its facility if the septic waste material to be delivered to the treatment facility is determined to:

  • Be deleterious to the treatment facility or appurtenances thereto,
  • Cause unusual expense in the handling and treatment thereof unless provisions are made,
  • Inhibit the performance of the treatment process,
  • Cause the plant to fail to meet effluent limits set by State and Federal regulatory agencies

All haulers of septic tank waste or other scavenger waste are required to report information pertaining to the source of such waste or other information which may be necessary for the proper administration as designated on forms supplied by the City of Alliance.