Safety Service Coordinator

Coordinator Responsibilities

The safety service coordinator assists the director of public safety and service in the functions of the director's office. The position coordinates projects and administrative tasks with city departments, City Council, outside agencies, and businesses.

Responsibilities include:

  • Investigating complaints and providing information to the director of public safety and service and the mayor concerning projects, grants, contracts, and other issues requested
  • Representing as the Bureau of Worker's compensation coordinator
  • Coordinating property and vehicle insurance updates
  • Submitting insurance claims when necessary
  • Applying for and overseeing various grants
  • Preparing supply bid documents
  • Co-organizing and overseeing the city auction
  • Taking citizen complaints about various issues

Other Duties

  • Advertising job openings
  • Participating in the interview process
  • Updating / creating job descriptions
  • Assisting with employee related issues
  • Overseeing the maintenance / housekeeping staff
  • Submitting criminal background checks

Other Tasks

  • Coordinating street closings for maintenance work and other utility company work
  • Serving as a liaison with affected departments and staff
  • Preparing news releases as needed
  • Approving street closures, sidewalk closures, and alley closures for work performed in the city rights of way
  • Approving dumpster permits and solicitor's permits
  • Approving oversize / overweight transportation permits
  • Assisting in the planning and implementation for resources for other special city events

Committees & Commissions

The safety service coordinator represents the city at a number of committees and commissions. These include: