City Growth

As we look to our city's future, it is good to reflect on the progress made over the last 10 years. The city has seen many new and revitalized institutions. Those institutions include social, business, educational, medical, religious, and financial entities that are making continuous efforts to grow and prosper.

Most of this was done during a time that saw major economic downturns, one of which was considered the worst since the Great Depression. As one looks back on the events of the past 10 years, it is evident that the Alliance Community and its citizens demonstrate a resilience that has endured over the course of the city's history.

We are continuing to build on the foundation provided for us to continue progress, as we have in the past. We will do this by working together, as the namesake of our city implies- "Alliance" -the coming together of the people and the community to reach new heights.


The business community has led the way, from Alliance Castings, a major manufacturing industry that has weathered the difficult economy by reopening twice in the last decade, to many new retail facilities. The most recent developments have included the Kohl's Department Store, the Chipotle restaurant, Aspen Dental, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Hampton Inn and Starbucks. Also added to the landscape on State Street are the new Panera Bread, Dairy Queen, and Wendy's restaurants.

This, when combined with earlier developments of Robertson Heating and Supply, Winkle Industries, and Trilogy Plastics establishing their businesses in the Industrial Park, make Alliance a viable business leader. The growth of these major businesses has been augmented by the continued prominence of numerous retail and consumer facilities, including Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Elder Beermen, and J.C. Penney to mention a few.


The educational community has seen continued growth as well. The leader has been the University of Mount Union. The university has grown, expanding its offerings to include graduate-level studies in health care and education. It has recently begun a program in civil engineering and will soon add a nursing program to its offerings. It also has changed the landscape of the campus with new student housing, classroom buildings, and major aesthetic improvements, all the while maintaining its tradition of academic excellence.

Also arriving on the educational scene, has been Stark State College, providing technical and career oriented programs that offer additional educational opportunities to our community. The Alliance City Schools have completed their renovation and rebuilding projects and continue providing excellence in public education including adult education, notably the Robert T. White School of Practical Nursing. The Alliance are community is also served by the Holy Cross Academy Schools (Regina Coeli and St. Josephs).The nearby Marlington, Sebring, and West Branch Schools all provide the greater Alliance community with excellence in primary and secondary education for our citizens.

Historic Downtown

On the north side, the historic downtown area has seen the development of the international headquarters of the Cat Fancier's Association and their associated CFA Foundation. The Downtown Farmers' Market has been a tremendous success, as has the Downtown Summer Concert Series. Arts in Stark has chosen downtown Alliance as a focus for renewal over the next decade in the areas of art, culture, entertainment, and retail. The renovated Martin Luther King Bridge stands out as a major connector and tribute to Dr. King as well as Alliance's historical link to the railroad. The future is bright for the renaissance of the downtown region.

East Side

The east side has seen the re-emergence of industry with the previously mentioned Alliance Castings, but also with the growth of Morgan Engineering in that industrial complex. The east side has also seen the revitalization of retail and quality of life establishments. At the College Plaza, where one can find new retail and Planet Fitness. Memorial Park has experienced renewed energy with the addition of the skateboard park. The past decade has also witnessed the construction of our new Alliance Community Hospital which is over a 60 million dollar investment in our medical community.

West Side

The west side has experienced the retail and commercial growth along State Street and Sawburg Avenue, adding many new businesses providing much needed goods and services to the community. The west side also is home to the Industrial Park, where both current and new businesses have chosen to grow, and building new facilities for their companies.

South Side

The south side has seen new growth and expansion of residential neighborhoods. With the creation of new and desirable homes, this expansion has created a foundation for the revitalization of the housing market in Alliance. Also found on the south side is the city treasure of Silver Park, the site for the new 9-11 Memorial, a moving display of artifacts from the World Trade Center. The new Alliance Middle School is located at the gateway to Alliance from the south.