Department Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that construction projects adhere to local, state, and federal laws and accepted practices
  • Overseeing the design and construction the city's infrastructure improvement projects
  • Reviewing plans and issue permits and provide inspections for private construction projects


The Engineering Department also maintains records, drawings, and maps of Alliance construction projects, ward boundaries, street names, and zoning. We have partnered with the Stark County Regional Planning Commission to create maps all of our storm water, sanitary, and waterline system using GPS/GIS technology.

Budget Adherence

The department submits and adheres to an annual budget. We strive to be cost effective while providing valuable services to the city. We leverage city funds by seeking out and obtaining grant money from multiple sources for construction projects.


The Alliance Engineering Department keeps an inventory of the city's bridges and performs annual inspections of their conditions.

Water & Sewer

We work closely with the Sewer and Water Distribution Department to help provide adequate, safe, and economical water and sewer to the citizens of Alliance. The engineers set standards and maintain mapping for these utilities. We provide planning, design, construction services, and plan review for water and sewer improvements.


We have an inventory of all culverts and outfalls throughout the city and will perform culvert condition inspections for each. Alliance has adopted stormwater regulations and has taken action to help protect our waterways from pollution.


Yearly, we evaluate our roads and contract our roadway asphalt overlay and maintenance program. When funding is available, some failing roads get completely replaced as an infrastructure reconstruction project.

Traffic Signals, Signs & Pavement Markings

These are three key elements for traffic safety.In general, Alliance follows the codes and guidelines of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for determining when and how to use these controls.