Birth & Death Certificates

Obtaining Records

Any person born in Ohio can now obtain their birth record at the Alliance Health Department. This is a service now available through the new statewide birth record database. 

All births and deaths occurring in the health district are filed with our department. All original certificates are on file at the Ohio Department of Health. Certified copies of certificates can be obtained at our department for a fee of $25. VISA , MASTERCARD and Discover are accepted. Contact us at 330-821-7373, extensions 10 or 11. You can also send an application by mail. Application for Certified Copies of Birth and Death Certificates

Adoption Records

Under a newly enacted law, adult adoptees in Ohio can now seek access to their original birth certificates. Wit this change, Ohio joins a small number of states that have made an about-face in thinking about the role of secrecy in adoption, and have joined the gradual shift towards greater openness. Contact 614-466-2531 for questions or for detailed guidance go to the Ohio Department of Health Vital Statistics website.

Other Statistics

The department maintains birth and death data in our community. This data is very important to our department. We obtain much information on the health of our community from this data and this information aids us in planning for services to meet the needs of our community. We also provide a variety of information to other agencies and organizations from our data.