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Signed Legislation
City ordinances and resolutions are uploaded as they are introduced. 
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Ordinance 1-17 Replat of Part of Outlots 62 and 63

Ordinance 2-17 Iron Horse Trail

Ordinance 3-17 Temporary Amendment to Section 182.031 of Alliance Municipal Code "Allocation of Funds"

Ordinance 4-17 NRG Contract for Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ordinance 5-17 Municipal Liability Insurance Coverage Bids

Resolution 6-17 Alliance Area Senior Citizens Center Fund

Resolution 7-17 Opposition to Governor Kasich's Budget Proposal

Ordinance 8-17 Permanent Appropriations for 2017

Ordinance 10-17 Replat of Lots 6917, 6918, and 6919

Ordinance 11-17 Replat of Lots 4450 and 4451

Ordinance 12-17 Alliance Marlington Water Line Project

Ordinance 13-17 Hospital Revenue Bonds

Ordinance 14-17 Guardrail Replacement

Ordinance 17-17 CRA Agreement Tax Abatement

Ordinance 18-17 Contract for Lease of Tillable Land

Ordinance 19-17 Beautification of NIP Corner Lots

Ordinance 20-17 Construction and Development of "Pocket Park"

Ordinance 21-17 Amendment to Sections 117.02, 117.03, and 117.04 of Alliance Municipal Code

Ordinance 22-17 Fair Housing

Ordinance 23-17 Housing Rehabilitation Technical Services

Ordinance 24-17 Volunteer Energy Services Agreement

Ordinance 25-17 Execution of Loan Agreement for ZB Properties, LLC.

Ordinance 26-17 ODOT Contract for Purchase of Sodium Chloride

Ordinance 28-17 Temporary Amendment to Section 128.031 of Alliance Municipal Code "Allocation of Funds"

Ordinance 29-17 Iron Horse Trail

Ordinance 30-17 Washington Hills Subdivision

Ordinance 31-17 Carbon Feed Equipment at Water Treatment Plant

Ordinance 32-17 Appropriations

Ordinance 33-17 Amendment to Section 937 of Alliance Municipal Code